Analytics & Disposal PROCESS

DW James Consulting provides high level technical support to the nuclear industry in Radwaste Characterization and Management, Radiological Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Health Physics, and Chemistry. We specialize in finding solutions to unique and difficult problems. We are a team who share the same commitment to high-quality work and professional customer service.

Our approach goes beyond single-sample methods and takes into consideration the physical and chemical processes that drive the transport of radioactive materials throughout the plant. DWJC acts on the premise that waste stream characteristics can be determined through an understanding of whole plant performance. Our methodology facilitates the development of optimal waste forms and packaging plans to minimize waste handling and disposal costs.

DWJC uses the latest modeling techniques to evaluate shielding configurations and estimate radiation dose rates including the Monte Carlo n-Particle Transport code (MCNP) for complex geometries and configurations. We use sophisticated software and methods to perform statistical analyses of data and model radioactive material transport in a variety of environments and conditions.

DWJC provides software that is designed to analyze radioactive waste and assist in the transportation of radioactive waste and materials. The software that we provide takes the hassle out of analyzing data, estimating activity, determining waste classification and transportation requirements and providing detailed documentation to meet regulations and industry standards. Our Integrated Shipping and Inventory Program (ISIP) has been in use since 1988 to prepare shipping papers for Barnwell, EnergySolutions-Clive, US Ecology-Richland and WCS disposal sites and other destinations. DWJC provides training in the use of all of our software programs.

DWJC employees bring together more than 80 years of combined industry and consulting experience in radioactive waste management. All work is performed in accordance with applicable Federal, State and Disposal Site requirements under our Quality Assurance Program.


DWJC opens the doors to a brand-new training facility, providing cost-effective technical training for:

- Integrated Shipping & Inventory Program (ISIP) Usage

- 49 CFR Compliance

- Advanced Waste Characterization Training to Reduce Disposal Costs

Sending staff to these trainings is beneficial to aiding a utility in reducing overall disposal costs by reducing commonly over classified waste all while having more defendable regulatory paperwork. You can trust our knowledge on these topics since we wrote most of the original research on these industry topics (you may have seen some of our work published with EPRI and the NRC).

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